Lower cost, a smaller CO2 footprint and a high quality concrete parking garage. Too good to be true? We can assure you that those are the actual results of one of our latest projects. All it requires is to enhance the self-healing properties of concrete with our proven technology.

What is the project about?

The client reached out to us and asked if we could help make the concrete basement of a parking garage more waterproof. The Basilisk self-healing technology autonomously fills cracks and pores in concrete. So the answer was crystal clear: yes, we can! As we were getting more involved in the project, we spotted another potential gain: reducing shrinkage reinforcement.

How can shrinkage rebar be reduced in concrete?

After some quick checks and calculations from our part, it became clear that it was possible to reduce a significant amount of shrinkage reinforcement. And, at the same time, also improve the concrete’s qualities. How? We’ll explain. Two main requirements determine the amount of shrinkage reinforcement needed for watertight structures:

  1. Durability requirements
  2. Watertightness requirements

In almost all cases watertightness requirements are leading, since those requirements demand smaller crack-widt than the requirements based on durability. And the smaller the acceptable crack-widths are, the more shrinkage reinforcement steel is required.

Game-changer: self-healing concrete

By adding self-healing properties to concrete, the watertightness of the concrete increases and the watertightness requirements are met. Meaning the reinforcement design can be done based on the durability requirements only, which usually allow for a bigger crack-width. This new approach, without deviating from any existing codes or guidelines, results in a significant reduction of shrinkage rebar of up to 35%.

Pouring the concrete floor

The work is still in progress but we were too excited to wait any longer and decided to give you a sneak-peek while our partners are pouring the concrete deck.

The walls are up next. We will give you an update and more facts on this project soon. In the meantime, if you interested in specifics on how our self-healing products could apply to your situation, please send us an e-mail. We would gladly go over the details with you.

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