This page showcases the current distributors and agents, which are responsible for distribution and implementation of the Basilisk products within a specific country or region.

Every year at least 7 billion m³ of concrete is produced worldwide, which results in an enormous CO2 footprint. The Basilisk technology can result in a substantial reduction of this footprint, because the technology enables slender structural elements and an elongation of service lifetime. A large scale worldwide implementation of the Basilisk products is therefor of great importance. To achieve this, a collaboration with international partners is necessary. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner.

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Our ambition is for self-healing concrete to have a significant impact on the sustainability of the construction industry. We need strong partners for that. We are always looking for new distributors, applicators, launching customers and concrete producers.


Our partners

JP Concrete – Sensicrete
Launching customer specialized in prefab element located in the United Kingdom

Basilisk Caribbean
Distributor Caribbean located in Sint Maarten

Conmix Ltd
Distributor United Arab Emirates

Young Dong Industrial Co.
Distributor South Korea

Aizawa Concrete
Distributor Japan

Current Pte Ltd
Distributor Singapore

wba Abdichtungssysteme
Distributeur Germany

Bio International
Distributor Portugal

ECMAS Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Distributor India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh

Agent Belgium

Tiger Applied Technologies Co. Ltd
Distributor Taiwan

UAB Betono Zona
Distributor Baltic States

Markham Global
Distributor New Zealand & Australia

Shawahiq Tayba Group
Distributor Middle East

Eltra Helion
Distributor Israel

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