Information sheets

    Basilisk info sheet 1:  Crystalline products | The thruth about crystalline admixtures in concrete.

    Basilisk info sheet 2:  ER7 Frost and de-icing resistance | How to improve concrete’s resistance.

   Basilisk info sheet 3:  ER7 for shrinkage cracks | How to solve haircrack issues in concrete.

   Basilisk info sheet 4:  Healing Agent | The benefits explained of the Self-Healing additive

   Basilisk info sheet 5:  MR3 Repair Mortar | About the advantages of Self-Healing properties in a repair mortar.

   Basilisk info sheet 6:  Circulairity | Reduce, Re-use and Recycle combined with Self-Healing

   Basilisk info sheet 7:  CO2 Emission | All about Self-Healing and how it reduces our Footprint.

   Basilisk info sheet 8:  Autogenous healing of concrete | What about the Self-Healing capacity of concrete itself?

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