Basilisk Self-Healing Repair Mortar MR3


Self healing for existing concrete

With Basilisk Self-Healing Repair Mortar MR3 you can easily repair damaged concrete covers, cracks and remedy water leaks in existing concrete structures.

Traditional repair methods often fail and have to be repeated over time due to their limited deformation capacity and compatibility with the original concrete. With Basilisk MR3, deformations can be resolved inside the repair mortar.

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The benefits or Basilisk MR 3 for concrete repair

  • Self-healing properties

  • Strong bonding

  • Fine-meshed crack-controlled behavior

Deformation capacity

Basilisk MR3’s ductile behavior allows a durable repair of cracked concrete surfaces or brick mortar walls subjected to overloading such as mild earthquakes or dynamic loading conditions. Its high deformation capacity prevents debonding and brittle failure when subjected to high load stress and residual crack are self-healed.

  • Watertight repair

  • High deformation capacity

  • Durable repair of leaking cracks

Self healing properties

The Self-Healing properties of Basilisk MR3 provide an integrated autonomous crack healing capability which provides a durable repair. As a result, water leakage is prevented and chances on corrosion of the reinforcement are significantly reduced.

Easy to process

Basilisk MR3 is a ready-mix repair mortar and can be applied manually or as shotcrete mortar which makes it very suitable for smaller patch- as well as larger surface area repairs. Basilisk MR3 has a strong bonding and fine-meshed crack-controlled behavior. In addition to conventional ingredients, the mortar also contains PVA fibers to ensure high flexural capacity. As a result, the hardened mortar is able to shrink and expand along with the original concrete, which contributes to a durable repair. Basilisk MR3 is suitable for any technical concrete repair.


  • Tunnels & Bridges

  • Liquid-containing reservoirs

  • Harbors & Airports

  • Marine structures

  • Diaphragm walls

  • Flooring & Parking decks

Certification and packaging

Basilisk Self-Healing Repair Mortar MR3 is a one batch ready-mix cementitious based mortar for concrete repair, meeting the requirements of the European Standard EN 1504-3 class R3 repair mortars. Basilisk MR3 is CE certified and available in bags of 15 kg. For larger projects, custom packaging can be arranged.