Self-healing concrete from Basilisk Self-Healing Concrete has been nominated for the Dutch Innovation Award 2022. In addition to innovative capacity, the positive impact that the innovation has on people and the environment is critical for winning. Whether self-healing concrete will become the innovation in the Netherlands this year is largely in the hands of the public. Because the (international) public can cast their vote.

Cracks in concrete appear from the moment it is poured. In order to keep a structure solid, concrete is reinforced with steel. This steel can corode due to moisture that enters through the concrete cracks. Thanks to the clever invention of Professor Henk Jonkers (TU Delft), this is something of the past and it has a major additional benefit: considerably less reinforcing steel is needed.

Why self-healing concrete

“Thanks to an innovative mixture, bacteria are added to the concrete mixture. If moisture then enters the concrete cracks, this activates the bacteria,” explains Managing Director Bart van der Woerd. “Once active, these bacteria produce limestone that fills the cracks and thus makes the cracks waterproof again. That means: up to 40% less reinforcing steel, less maintenance and less Co2.” Basilisk Self-Healing Concrete is already being used worldwide.

Audience decides on the winner

The winner of the Dutch Innovation Award 2022 is determined for 60% by the professional jury and 40% by the online voters. This means that the public has a major influence on who will be the winner. Do you want Basilisk to win this award with self-healing concrete? Vote for concrete that repairs itself. Voting is possible at the bottom of the page in the link, until October 31, 12:00 noon.

Also watch this video made for the Dutch Innovation Award 2022.