After a year of proof of concepts and testing with local materials, it is now time to start the first construction projects in the Caribbean. This is why Basilisk Netherlands flew to St. Maarten to support the local partners on-site with the large-scale market introduction and preparations of the first projects.

Last year, Basilisk Caribbean was welcomed as a partner. Since then, a lot of hard work has been done and much has been accomplished. After a little over a year of testing in local conditions as well as with local materials, great results are achieved.

Preparation for the first projects

Basilisk Caribbean has now earned the first contracts and is starting the preparations for execution. To support this, Bart van der Woerd and Marc Brants flew from Basilisk Nederland to Sint Maarten.

Robustness of concrete is critical

“Every market has its challenges. This is no different in the Caribbean. What we have seen here is that the quality and robustness of concrete is paramount. One of the reasons for this is the climate,” says Marc Brants, Account Manager at Basilisk. “The damage caused by Hurricane Irma in 2017 is still visible in some places. In addition, there is a lot of rain, high humidity in combination with chlorides ,and high temperatures. Self-healing concrete ensures a significant reduction of concrete damage and related leakage problems.”

Praise for professional market launch

While we were there, we also seized the opportunity to make the proposition of Basilisk Self-Healing Concrete known to a larger market. About 40 interested construction companies attended the introductory event. The general reactions were very positive. “Basilisk Caribbean has organized a professional market introduction and has managed to excite many companies for this proven technology,” says Marc Brants. “It is inevitable that more projects will follow from this soon. We are happy to support our partner and their customers in this growth.”