This professional camera crew from AVROTROS is filming Bart van der Woerd, Managing Director at Basilisk, while he explains how self-healing concrete makes concrete a more sustainable building material. We cannot tell you all the details yet.

For now, all we can share with you is that it is for a program on Dutch national television on innovative companies. The name of the tv show is De Wereld van Morgen (translated into English: the World of Tomorrow) and it will be broadcasted in a few weeks time.

Professor Henk Jonkers, from Delft University of Technology and inventor of the technology was also interviewed since he is the expert on how the self-healing process in concrete works.

We feel honored by all this attention. The crew took a full day out of there busy schedules to come and interview us, not to mention all the preparations leading up to this day. The camera crew was genuinely excited about what they saw. So we are confident they will create an item that will pass on the excitement to the viewers. The more people in the world that are excited about self-healing concrete, the more projects we can do, the bigger our impact on sustainability will be.

We will share more on the tv show here as soon as we can so stay tuned.