Project Description

Self-healing concrete in lower wall construction at Evides buffer tank.

The buffer tank is the 2nd tank of the expansion of the waste water treatment plant of Evides Industrialwater in the Netherlands, executed with Self-healing concrete from Basilisk.

Within this project, the wall construction of the Buffer tank was carried out with Basilisk Healing Agent to guarantee a watertight execution, less maintenance and an optimal lifespan. The fact that the addition of the Healing Agent offers added value became apparent soon after the tank was filled with 7 meters of water height. After a few days, the shrinkage cracks in the lower wall section became clearly visible, resulting in leaks. From the moment cracks are filled with water (or moisture), the bacteria is activated and starts to convert the supplied nutrients into limestone. With this limestone production the cracks are filled so that water penetration is no longer possible. In this way the reinforcement is again protected against corrosion and further leaks are prevented.

Fortunately no human interference was needed for the concrete to recover!

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Project data
Name Expansion waste water treatment plant Evides
Realization year 2020
Structure Buffer tank
Location Province of Zeeland, The Netherlands
Client Evides Industrial water
Contractor Leenhouts Aannemingsbedrijf
Concrete supplier DeHoop betonmortel  (VTO Vlissingen)
Product Basilisk Healing Agent


15 m³




Basilisk Healing Agent provides an autonomous healing system without generation an negative impact on productivity.