Project Description

Japanese water purification plant built with self-healing concrete

The superior waterproof performance of self-healing concrete was the reason to select Basilisk for this project. Membranes or other types of water proofing measures could be omitted, thereby savings costs. The foundation, floors and walls of this plant are all poured with Basilisk Self-Healing Concrete.

This is the first time Basilisk Healing Agent is included in a water purification project of this size in Japan. The magnitude of this project proves that the Japanese market now truly embraces the self-healing concrete technology

Waterproof properties are crucial

The excellent waterproof properties of self-healing concrete were the main reason for our Japanese partner Aizawa to propose this type of concrete. In addition, less maintenance and a longer design life cycle were positive distinctions from other types of traditional concrete. The client was convinced and the building process has started. The total building time for this site is estimated to be around two years.

Precast elements save time

Part of the construction project is a water tank with a depth of up to 7 m. With conventional on-site construction, it is challenging to build a structure with a depth of 7 m, and it takes a lot of manpower and construction time. Therefore, the structure is divided into 6 pieces, each piece executed with prefab elements. On site these pieces were joined together by using a joint filling mortar to fix the reinforcement bars. This considerably reduced construction time and the need for site personnel.

Key benefits waterproof concrete

A summary of the benefits in using self-healing concrete for this project:

  • Waterproof concrete
  • Cost savings
  • Longer design life
  • Less maintenance
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Project details
Location Sapporo-city, Japan
Total surface 56.762 m2
Total surface building 27.642 m2
Object type Water purification plant
Product Basilisk Healing Agent
Amount 5.000 m3
Year 2021/2022
Main benefit product Superior waterproof concrete
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