A water basin of Port of Rotterdam has been constructed with special concrete walls. Due to addition of Basilisk Healing Agent to the concrete the walls will be able to heal itself when cracking occurs. The system is based on bacteria which, when subjected to water contact, will precipitate limestone which will gradually seals the cracks. The technology has been developed at the TU Delft and has been applied in practice due to the corporation of BAM Infra and Basilisk.

The basin is tank constructed out of four concrete walls. The basin has a length of 47 meters, a width of 5.5 meters and a height of 5 meters. Two walls has been constructed with plain concrete, whereas the other walls has been constructed with the addition of Basilisk Healing Agent.

During the construction there has been no noticeable difference observed in the workability of the Self-healing concrete mixture compared to the plain mixture. Also tests show that there has been no significant difference in the strength development comparing both mixtures (mixtures where identical except the addition of the Self-healing additive).