Project Description

Proof-of-Concept with Deutsche Bahn

Time for an update regarding the proof-of-concept project with Deutsche Bahn. As we are several weeks ahead, we are proud to announce that the concrete slabs are ready and the cracks of approximately 0,4 – 0,5 mm have been induced properly. Next step is to put these slabs into ‘Healing conditions’ for the cracks to be healed with limestone.

Self-Healing Concrete provides an autonomous healing system. This way concrete can be executed watertight, requires significant less maintenance and ensures a longer lifespan. Besides that, it offers the possibility to reduce up to 50% of shrinkage reinforcement rebar which results in an important reduction of the carbon footprint.

Thanks Max Bögl Nederland B.V. and DB mindbox for this amazing opportunity. Let’s put these cracks to heal 💪

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