Project Description

Evides chooses waterproof self-healing concrete for its waste water treatment plant

The settling tank is part of the expansion of the wastewater treatment plan of Evides in the Netherlands. Evides Industriewater is the leading water partner for the industry in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg). ‘With a focus on the chemical industry, petrochemicals and the food industry, we focus on custom-in-water: complete tailor-made water services. This means that we supply different qualities of process water on the basis of DBFO contracts (Design, Build, Finance & Operate). On behalf of our customers, we purify waste water and apply water reuse. With an eye for innovation and forward thinking. With the aim of a reliable and reliable solution. And with an attitude that allows you to rely on the water expertise of an organization that specializes in developing custom solutions that benefit you.’

Within this project, A large tank of ⌀ 25 m1 was executed with Basilisk Healing Agent to ensure a waterproof executing, less maintenance and optimum service life.

Project data
Name Expansion waste water treatment plant Evides
Realization year 2020
Structure Settling tank
Location Province of Zeeland, The Netherlands
Client Evides Industrial water
Contractor Leenhouts Aannemingsbedrijf
Concrete supplier De Hoop betonmortel (VTO Vlissingen)
Product Basilisk Healing Agent


110 m³