We are excited to announce that Basilisk has been nominated for the prestigious Dutch Cobouw 2020 Innovation Award.

Our application consists of the following;

The Healing Agent of the Delft start-up Basilisk provides concrete mortars with self-healing properties. As soon as the Basilisk bacteria comes into contact with water as a result of cracking, the bacteria produces a kind of limestone. This seals the cracks and prevents moisture penetration.

Together with TU Delft and various engineering firms, this technology will be further developed in 2020, so that Basilisk Healing Agent now offers the possibility to significantly reduce shrinkage reinforcement. When calculating watertight concrete structures, the maximum allowable crack width is not determined by the environmental class requirements but by water tightness requirements. The limitation of crack width is normally achieved by the use of shrinkage reinforcement. However, by adding Basilisk Healing Agent to the concrete mix, the waterproofing requirements are already being dealt with, which means that up to 60% less shrinkage reinforcement can be reduced and the footprint of the concrete construction is also a lot more favourable.

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