Bunnik, 6th of May 2015 – Press release, Koninklijke BAM Groep nv

BAM and Rijksvastgoedbedrijf have applied, in cooperation with Delft University of Technology, self-healing concrete for the repair of crack formation in a parking deck.

Commissioned by Rijksvastgoedbedijf several floor areas at the tax office in Apeldoorn have been treated with a special impregnation. The first floor area of 6,000 m² was treated in October 2014 and a second floor area of 6,000 m² was covered in March 2015 after the success of the application of the first floor area. The self-healing concrete is developed by the Delft University of Technology. Micro-organisms, which are added to the mixture, will deposit – as soon as they come into contact with water – limestone, resulting in sealing of cracks.

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