This month we were invited to speak about our bio-based self-healing concrete solutions at a seminar in Belgium, together with our Belgian partner Fortius. The seminar was organized by the Belgian Federation of Concrete Specialists (FEREB) and la Confédération Construction Wallonne (WTCB). We travelled to Belgium to update the concrete industry on the opportunities for self-healing concrete.

Concrete specialist conference

Representatives of the leading Belgian concrete companies had gathered in a conference center near Brussels to learn about the latest developments in their field of expertise. The program of that day included sessions to share knowledge on the latest technologies as well as demonstrations of new applications. There was an exhibition space and plenty of opportunity for the participants to network.

Growing importance of sustainability

“There was a really big attendance of the conference,” says Marc Brants, Account Manager at Basilisk. “I noticed a genuine interest in self-healing concrete among the visitors. I got asked quite a few questions on the opportunities self-healing could bring for the Belgian concrete businesses. My key take-away from this event? The Belgian concrete market is clearly shifting. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important and people are eager to start working with self-healing concrete.”

Recently, we’ve been asked to give presentations more often. Either digital or, as in this case, in person. This helps us achieve our mission: to make the concrete industry more sustainable with our bio-based self-healing products. Hence, if you would like us to give a presentation in your country, please reach out to discuss possibilities. We would like to support you. Together we can make the concrete industry more sustainable!

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