The Lighthouse Awards are founded in 2010 and is a biennial prize for a person or organization that has contributed to the development in the construction industry in the areas of innovation, sustainability and the promotion of a positive image of the construction industry to the youth.

Of the total of 21 entries Basilisk is declared one of three finalists of the Lighthouse Awards 2016. The jury of the Lighthouse Award nominated Basilisk because self-healing concrete is a major advancement in construction, which ensures the sustainability of buildings.

The jury reported the following:

“The product is very innovative. Self-healing concrete is a major advance in construction. It guarantees the sustainability of buildings. The repair system for existing buildings allows reuse of older buildings as much as possible. An additional positive side is that the product is already in use, the results are positive and continue to develop.”

For the three finalists a movie was made in which the innovation is explained: