Basilisk Self-Healing Concrete

At Basilisk we believe in a sustainable world. We offer a range of bio-based products that make concrete more sustainable, durable and waterproof.

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The benefits of self-healing concrete

One of the properties of concrete is that it cracks. With a proper design, this cracking can be limited, but even small (hair) cracks will cause problems. With Basilisk Self-Healing Concrete, both existing and new concrete structures repair themselves. This offers great benefits.


Waterproof concrete

Self-healing concrete seals cracks, making special coatings or waterproof membranes unnecessary.


40% reinforcement savings

Shrinkage reinforcement is reduced because larger crack widths can be accepted with self-healing concrete.


30-50% reduction in CO2 footprint

A smaller CO2 footprint due to the longer design life, the omission of membranes and the reduced need for shrinkage reinforcement.


Less maintenance cost

Self-healing reduces maintenance cost for both the repair of existing concrete and new concrete. It also extends service life.

How does it work?

Basilisk has a number of unique products that enable self-healing properties of concrete. The technology is based on micro-organisms that produce limestone, as a result crack formation in concrete structures can be autonomously repaired. This way the durability of the concrete structure is greatly improved. The autonomous repair system is implemented in several products that are applicable for both new constructions and existing structures. Currently cracks up to 1 mm can be repaired with self-healing concrete, but the development goes on.

Werking zelfhelend beton - Basilisk

1. Concrete cracks

Cracking is an accepted and common phenomenon in concrete structures.

2. Leakage & corrosion

However, cracked concrete may result in serious leakage and reinforcement corrosion issues.

3. Autonomous repair

When in contact with water, the bacteria will multiply and start to produce limestone..

4. Cracks are sealed

Due to the formation of limestone, cracks are autonomously repaired, preventing leakage and protecting the reinforcement.

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Basilisk has self-healing products for new concrete and for concrete repair. Find an overview of our products here.


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Self-healing concrete has a number of unique benefits. Read more about these benefits and the added value of the Basilisk Self-Healing Concrete products for your projects.


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Preventing cracks and leakage of concrete

Sooner or later concrete cracks. This is a property of concrete that cannot be ignored when using concrete as a building material.

Cracks cause leakages and this causes corrosion of the reinforcement. The consequence? The durability of concrete decreases and the need for maintenance increases.

Basilisk’s technology works with micro-organisms that are added to new or existing concrete. The micro-organisms produce limestone when they come into contact with moisture. In this way, cracks are sealed autonomously.

Basilisk offers various products that are suitable for both existing and new concrete structures. Basilisk Healing Agent can be added to the concrete mix, while other products are just suitable

as a repair agent for repairing cracks in existing concrete structures (Basilisk Liquid Repair System ER7 and Basilisk Repair Mortar MR3).The advantages of self-healing concrete in a nut shell: a first advantage of self-healing concrete is that it makes concrete waterproof because it seals cracks.

Another big advantage is that 40-50% less maintenance of concrete is required. This results in lower life cycle costs.

Furthermore, self-healing concrete also has an advantage for the environment because it ensures a reduction of up to 30-50% of the CO2 footprint. In this way it contributes to a more sustainable world.

Finally, larger crack widths can be allowed in new designs. As a result, shrinkage reinforcement can be reduced and CO2 emissions and costs are reduced.

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