Project Description

Cracks in precast elements for ProRail repaired with Basilisk Liquid System

The precast elements are manufactured by Strukton as part of a renovation project of a railway platform in order of Prorail. After production, some elements have shown shrinkage crack between 0,1 tot 0,25 mm. As these will be used on the platforms, in winter salts may cause serious durability issues. Therefore the quality control of Strukton has rejected the elements at the moments the cracks appeared. However, a solution was found thanks to the innovative technology of Self-Healing Concrete by means of micro-organisms. The limestone producing bacteria have sealed the existing cracks watertight, so the reinforcement is protected again and future durability issues have been prevented.

Project data;

Name Precast elements for railway station platform
Year 2021
Structure Reinforced Precast element
Location The Netherlands
Client Prorail/ Strukton Prefab
Product Basilisk Liquid Repair System

This image has been taken from below. As you can see with this permeability test, the crack has been sealed watertight and there is no further leakage.

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