Project Description

Concrete repair highway bridge with Basilisk Repair Mortar MR3

The bridge is part of the Highway A20 in the Netherlands nearby Rotterdam. Within this project, several repairs were executed with Basilisk Self-Healing Repair Mortar MR3 to ensure a durable and sustainable repair of this important overpass.

With Basilisk Self-Healing Repair Mortar MR3 you can easily repair damaged concrete covers, cracks and remedy water leaks in existing concrete structures.

Traditional repair methods often fail and have to be repeated over time due to their limited deformation capacity and compatibility with the original concrete. With Basilisk MR3, deformations can be resolved inside the repair mortar.

Project data
Name P202902 Betonreparatie viaduct Schollevaartsetocht
Year 2020
Structure Highway bridge
Location A20 near Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Client Rijkswaterstaat/ Van Gelder
Product Basilisk Self-Healing Repair Mortar MR3
Size 20 m2