Watertight concrete

Basilisk Self-Healing Concrete is based on crack filling micro-organisms

  • Watertight concrete
  • Less repairs
  • Save up to 40% shrinkage reinforcement
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1. Watertight concrete

Basilisk Self-Healing Concrete seals its cracks watertight. As a result, it makes an important contribution to the construction its watertightness, making a coating or waterproof membrane unnecessary in many cases.

2. Less repairs

Concrete with Basilisk’s ‘Self-Healing Agent’ ensures autonomous crack repair, preventing unforeseen costs and time-consuming injection work.

3. Less steel, more watertightness

Self-healing concrete has watertight properties, making it possible to save up to approximately 40% in shrinkage reinforcement.

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How it works

Zelfhelend Beton

1. Concrete Cracks

Cracking is an accepted and common phenomenon in concrete structures.

2. Leakage & Corrosion

However, cracked concrete may result in serious leakage and reinforcement corrosion issues.

3. Autonomous repair

When in contact with water, the bacteria will multiply and starts to produce limestone.

4. Cracks are sealed

Due to the formation of limestone, cracks are autonomously repaired, preventing leakage and protecting the reinforcement.

Where can it be used

De meerwaarde van Zelfhelend Beton maakt het grootste verschil bij betonconstructies waar (zee)water dikwijls voor problemen zorgt, zoals:

Tunnels & Bridges

Basements & Diaphragm walls

Liquid-containing reservoirs

Flooring & Parking decks

Waste water treatment plants

Marine, Harbors & Airports

“Normally I would now have to call in a repair injection crew. Thanks to the Self-Healing capacity of the concrete, this is no longer necessary”
Projectmanager, Evides waterbedrijf


Watertanks at Evides Industrial water

As part of the expansion project of a wastewater treatment plant in The Netherland, the new tanks were executed with Self-Healing Concrete. Shortly after installation, the first shrinkage cracks and therewith leakages appeared.

After a short period of about 10 weeks, the cracks are watertightly sealed and according the watertightness requirements, without additional repair works such as injection.

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