Basilisk Liquid Repair System ER7


Liquid repair for cracks in concrete surfaces

With Basilisk Liquid Repair System ER7 you can easily repair small, narrow cracks in concrete. Generally, the application of Basilisk ER7 on smaller cracks and porous surfaces ensures the durability of the concrete structure.

Traditional repair methods such as manual injections are expensive, require lots of effort, time and are difficult to apply on narrow cracks. Due to its low viscosity, Basilisk ER7 penetrates easily into small cracks and pores. After application, the liquid forms a gel which seals the crack and pores. Subsequently, during the healing process, the environmental friendly bacteria present in the liquid, converts the nutrients into limestone, providing a concrete compatible and permanent sealing of the concrete crack and surface.

Because cracks are sealed watertight, the reinforcement is protected against corrosion and leakage issues are solved. Furthermore, this densified concrete surface now prevents growth or regrowth of unwanted fouling organisms and significantly increases its resistance against frost damage.

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The benefits of  Basilisk ER7 for concrete repair

  • Quick and easy application

  • Cost and time savings compared to traditional repair

  • Protects reinforcement against frost and corrosion

  • Seals cracks up to 0.8 mm

  • Organic solvent-free solution

  • Prevents growth of moss and other fouling organisms

Quick & Easy application

Basilisk Liquid Repair System ER7 is applied in liquid form as a two-component spray mixture. Basilisk ER7 is quick and easy to apply. With the right equipment, a production of 500 m² per hour is possible. For cracks up to 0.2 mm wide, just one treatment is sufficient while for larger cracks multiple sequential treatments may be necessary to ensure a durable surface repair. When required, the excess of the Basilisk ER7 material can be removed after 24h of application allowing almost immediate accessibility for usage.

Protection of the reinforcement

Even the smallest cracks can cause enormous problems for the concrete structure. When water and de-icing salts reach the steel reinforcement through these cracks, corrosion will occur. The expanding corrosion products will gradually increase tensile stress and this increased internal pressure will cause concrete to crack even further and becomes more damaged. At that point, these larger cracks make it easier for chlorides and water to penetrate which speeds up the process of corrosion even more.

Basilisk ER7 blocks pores and cracks in the concrete with limestone and therefore stops the reinforcement corrosion process. This treatment increases the durability of the concrete resulting in lower life cycle maintenance costs and less downtime.


  • Parking decks

  • Roofs, galleries and balconies

  • Pavements & Bus lanes

  • Platforms & Runways

  • Harbor facilities

  • Railway foundation structures

Prevention of moss & organic growth

Concrete is a porous material. Difficulties during execution or curing of concrete often results in an increased concrete surface porosity. A porous surface retains water and strongly stimulates growth of biofilms and even moss. As moss strongly retains water as well, risk of frost damage increases even further. Application of Basilisk ER7 densifies the concrete cover zone and thereby it increases its resistance against organic fouling and frost damage.